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Logo Collection

The collection of logos below is a mix of personal and professional work from the last 15 years.

Most of my logos are pictorials that use geometric shapes, bright colors, lines, and negative space, with the goal of creating interesting images.

LeadsOnline Marketing Website Redesign

A redesign of LeadsOnline's marketing website, using updated branding elements. This is a preview of the refresh in progress.

The new site uses dark mode, matching the look of the company's more recent software products. Additional improvements include a new information architecture, updated content, and responsive styling. The majority of the design was produced with Figma.

LeadsOnline Leadership Conference Identity and Microsite

Every year, the LeadsOnline Leadership Conference takes on a different visual theme. Each visual theme is based on the location of the conference.

The conference brings together law enforcement from across the country for sixteen hours of continuing education and valuable networking opportunities. I collaborate with Kaitlyn Jayroe, who is responsible for organizing the conference, along with third parties, to produce collateral for the event. This usually includes shirts, signage, bags, name tags, web banners, and other items, along with their associated emblems, iconography, and graphics. Unique to the 2022 conference is a limited edition challenge coin.

LeadsOnline Feature Presentation

A presentation used by the LeadsOnline sales team for showcasing LeadsOnline's application features.

The feature presentation is a dynamic presentation generated from the company's internal, custom CRM. The slides generated depend on the options selected and allows staff to create more targeted presentations. The content was created in collaboration with key stakeholders and Blender, a B2B marketing company.

LeadsOnline Identity Refresh

For this refresh, stakeholders requested to retain the original color scheme of the logo as well as the magnifying glass emblem. Overall, the spirit of the original logo was to remain intact, with some adjustments to modernize its look.

LeadsOnline is the leading investigations software used by law enforcement agencies nationwide. The brand identity has almost always included the colors red, black, and white, as well as the magnifying glass and fingerprint elements. For the updated logo, dozens of alternate magnifying glass emblems were considered before selecting the final. (And the fingerprint was nixed.) From the new logo, a second logo was created for UNIFORM, LeadsOnline's internal design system and asset library.

LeadsOnline Challenge Coin

A limited edition challenge coin for LeadsOnline top accounts. I had previously never worked on a coin, so initially I spent some time learning about coin design.

Modern challenge coins are typically used to commemorate a visit to an agency or organization. The medallions often include symbols, statements, and values important to their respective organizations. The LeadsOnline coin includes symbols of Texas (where the company originated) and symbols recognized in the law enforcement industry, along with the company's mantra: Advance Cases Faster. I collaborated with Empire Challenge Coins in New York, a company that specializes in the production of these coins.

Wine Cards

I created Wine Cards to help students (including myself) learn relevant characteristics of wines made from a variety of grapes. Wine Cards originally started as a small handbook, distinct from other products because of its size.

Between 2018 and 2021, I sampled and documented over 400 wines from different parts of the world in order to understand how climate and winemaking practices influence its taste. During that time, I started to refine the idea for Wine Cards. After about a year of design and testing, I created three sets: Beginner, Intermediate, and Texas.

John Loves Bourbon Personal Logo

A cool identity for a cool dude. John Alexander is both a client and a work collegue who I've worked with for over a decade in a variety of projects.

In between projects, we love to discuss the art and science of both spirits and wine. John, a skilled software developer and whiskey connoisseur, approached me to create a personal logo based on the Libbey whiskey glass, the official tasting glass of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

LeadsOnline Commemorative Yeti

An exclusive Yeti for LeadsOnline staff commemorating partnering with over 4,000 agencies.

LeadsOnline is the nation's largest investigations system used by detectives to solve all types of crimes, from burglary to homicide. We created a custom Yeti for staff to commemorate the milestone of connecting 4,000 agencies to the LeadsOnline platform.

Darth Blue Tac Logo Design

I met Sergeant Heather Mundell from Darth Blue Tac through my work with LeadsOnline. I helped her flesh out her company's logo and accompanying collateral.

Darth Blue Tac conducts an array of tasks including special investigations, community relations, and taking a proactive approach to combating criminal trends. The skull with circuitry was a specific design element that Sgt. Mundell requested for her logo. The font, Azote Regular, happened to fit well stylistically.

Commercial Food Photography

Photography has always been a part of my job, whether sourcing images or capturing original photos for use on a website or a marketing piece.

Like web and print work, photography has its challenges that I enjoy tackling. Photography is a great way for me to study color, composition, and light. Below is a sampling of photos I have taken for blogs, chefs, newspapers, magazines, and restaurants.

Naomi's Village Website Design and Photography

An updated logo, photography, and website for Naomi's Village, a children's home in Nairobi, Kenya. Updates that would help streamline sponsorships and donations for the children at the home.

A new site flow was established, reducing friction in both the Sponsor and Donate pipelines. A backend framework (for the site's Admin Portal) was created by developer John Alexander. This project included a trip to Kenya. On my visit, I photographed the staff, the home, and the children. The images would be used for sponsorships on the website, marketing materials, and for Art for Hope, an annual fundraiser held in Texas that helps raise funds for the home.

PlainsCapital Bank Website Design

A design to modernize PlainsCapital Bank's growing online presence, improving the accessibility of website features and banking services content.

Using personas developed from user interviews, along with site and user flows, an information architecture team created wireframes. On the design end, we experimented with different color schemes, each representing key concepts and values. Mood boards (shown below) were created from each scheme. The final design helped modernize the company's brand online, and improved the accessibility of website features, content, and marketing callouts for promotional offers.

Verizon Small Business Center Landing Page

A concept design for a refresh of the Verizon small business center landing page.

While at Verizon, I was part of a UX team responsible for producing wireframes, mockups, and prototypes for Verizon's online small business center. This included work on its attached marketplace and associated cart and checkout pages.